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NO SUMMER CAMP planned in summer 2020!

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In June and July we offer you to come to the summer camp around traditional tale, held in a spacious house in the Buda hills, with a garden around, just beside a wood. We shall have the whole place for ourselves!

If you are between 6 and 12 year old, your are welcome everyday from Monday to Friday from 9 to 4, if you wish you will take part in a performance where you will speak only French!

The planned dates for 2014 are June 16, July 14 and 14.

Our main aim with my partner Laurence Bergeot-Veréb, French artist and an outstanding personnality is to offer a moment of leisure and make you spend a wonderful time with other children you learn to respect and like.


Price : 40 000 with all meals, 35 000 forint without, 36 500 and 31 500 respectively for the second child.


We are very lucky to have a fully equiped kitchen on the spot, so we choose to cook every day freshly for children : hors-d'oeuvre, main meal and desert. Healthy snacks include baguette, whole wheat bread, mature cheese and seasonal fruits in the morning and baguette, whole wheat bread, black chocolate and seasonal fruits in the afternoon. These three breaks are very appreciated by children, it is another opportunity to discover another way of eating and develop relationship to eachother.


A day in the camp : 


9-9.30 arrival, non directed game in the garden

9.30-10.30  activities in French

10.30 10.50  healthy snack

10.50- 12 óra activities in French

12.00-12.30 non directed game in the garden

12.30- 13.15 healthy lunch cooked on spot

13.15- 13.35 group relaxation under my direction, if one gets asleep one is not awaked

13.40- 14.20  activities in French

14.20-15.00 healthy snack and non directed games in the garden

15.00-15.30  factivities in French

15.30 - 16 óra non directed game in the garden or pursual of activities in French

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Estelle Karady: - 06-20-373-9185.

Regular activities take place in Pest near to Margaret Bridge, summer camps in Buda near to Pasaréti Square.footer_bottom.gif

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